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Setup Less Than 5 Minutes!

Torpedopot is a containerized self-growing gardening system with a built-in fully automated pressurized plumbing system that waters your plants for you. The internal plumbing valves distribute water and nutrients to your plants to create an incredible fungal environment that plants love. It requires very little human intervention.

Using The Timer

Just add soil, seeds, or seedlings, turn on the self-growing planter, and walk away. Each plant in the planter receives equal nutrition. The system is attached to a household spigot and watered with a timer. The timer will turn the water on and off when your plants need it.

Uses Less Water

Torpedopot uses the microbes in the soil to grow your food. We produced high-quality, unadulterated food because we grow it in a Sustainable Biotic Environment (SBE).


Collard Greens

Torpedopot can make more efficient use of household spaces: backyards, patios, walls, rooftops, basements, window- sills, and indoor areas. Torpedopot can also accommodate large farming initiatives as well as provide substantial profit incentives for mass food production.


How would you like to have a strawberry patch? Grow 2,000 strawberries with your Torpedopot!


Large enough to grow perfect eggplants!

Eggplant Trees